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     Available at The long awaited spin off from Swift Killas: Vengeance, Rogue Accord Volume One, is available for purchase. Those of you who might get confused about the cover should know. There is Rogue Accord: Pride Before Fall which has the American flag and three stars on the cover and then there’s the other one.

            *Currently Rogue Accord: Volume One has a black cover on but will ship the actual Gold cover when purchased. We are working on fixing that right away.

            What I would like to do here in this Blog is see what you, the fans, have to say about the book. Rogue Accord is comprised of so many different short stories, please let me know what your favorite story was, your favorite scene, your favorite characters ECT. 

     Thank you for all your love and support with my first real spin off. As I said before, Rogue Accord Volume one takes place before Pride Before Fall and then Volume two (Not yet out).



09/22/2009 19:41

I just ordered my copy. Can't wait to see what you really have planned for this Swift Killas spin off!

09/24/2009 06:51

I just ordered my copy of Rogue Accord Volume One and am looking forward to the madness of Orlando's mind!!!!

09/24/2009 07:04

If it took Mr. Santiago three months to write Swift Killas and Swift Killas 2, nine days for Rogue Accord: Pride Before fall so how long did a short story like Rogue Accord volume one take? Just out of curiosity... Can't wait for my book to come in. I will say that Pride before Fall had so many great action scenes that I couldn't begin to say what was my favorite. I Love them All!!!

09/29/2009 13:18

I ordered your book Choatic Realms and noticed that you had some stories from Rogue Accord in there. I have to say that those stories were AWESOME! I read the story called 'Vile' and was completely blown away

09/30/2009 08:08

I am a huge fan of the Rake and the Swift Killas series. Santiago has done a unique job turnining common words into such an imaginary work of art. This "spin off" is actually much more than that. I can tell you, having known Orlando for many years, that Rogue Accord is not a spin off but a testiment to those he loves. Rogue Accord VoL. 1 is a phenomenal book and the love he has for his friends bleeds through onto the pages.
Celena Candelario is by far the sexiest character in any book you've ever read. Jackie, Jessica, Vince, Oliver and Maxwell are all wonderful in their roles and help the flow of each and every story. To choose my favorite story in Rogue Accord is hard but 'Vile' was deep while 'Boys night out' kept me laughing. The way 'Omni Vaga' was written felt like you were reading a modern day 300 script and then there was the 'Breaking the Bank' which was both mind blowing and entertaining.
As much fun as each story was to read, 'Games we play' was a nail biter as it is more dark and edgy like something you would find in a Swift Killas Story. So many great stories in such a tiny book and yet you feel blessed that there's another one right after. (Pride Before Fall) Personally, I love Swift and now I find myself loving his conunterpart just as much. Celena is a charcter that can't be denied, this is a great read and a must have.

10/02/2009 10:32

Swift Vs. Celena was off the chain!!!!!! I thought those two were going to kill one another for sure!!!! You even managed to throw Maryam into the mix! WTF!!! The car chase scene, the shoot outs and the final show down where they meet face to face was unbelievable. It was like a hard core Swift vs. a normal Swift (Celena) I jumped right to that chapter when I saw the table of contents. (Cause Swift Killas is the bomb!!!)
If there is a volume two you have to do this again. Swift and Celena’s fight wasn’t as epic as Swift and Blood’s but it made a ton of sense. It really made my day reading that shit. Off the chain my brother, off the fucking chain

Victor Marsh
10/02/2009 11:17

I actually just got my copy and read the intro and loved it. I think Berry Dash will make an excellent villian.

Victor Marsh
10/02/2009 11:34

I noticed that in teh table of contents you have it noted that you wrote every chapter as well as who came up with what story idea. Does this mean that you might be letting some other authors do some writing in Rogue Accord Vol. 2?

10/04/2009 08:07

I really liked 'I hate Computers' when you had Celena running along the side of buildings and how Vince wanted to go but couldn't handle the run. The way you discribed her love for adrenline as she swung off poles and slid down pipes all the way to the building on the other side of the city. That was just insane, I can't picture Swift doing that. So far this book is awsome.

Dennis Banks
10/09/2009 08:06

Hey Orlando!!!
Thanks so much for hooking me up with a job. As promised I got your books like I said I would and my little girls love Selena in your one book Rogue Accord. So hook a brotha up and let me know what you can tell me about her, Jessica and Jackie. All three of my girls want to dress up like them for Halloween. My little boy wants to be Swift but I don't think he's old enough to understand what that means, so his little butt is gonna be Superman instead.
My little girls want to be like the females form your book though. Is this even appropriate? Mia and Shaunte is seven and Sherece is six. Hit me up when you can man, you got my info. Love the site brotha! God bless you and yours.

10/14/2009 17:52

I loved Rogue Accord so much!! I wouldn't say it's better than Swift Killas but it is up there for sure. I loved the cover, E.J did a great job on that one and so you know, Swift Vs.Celena and VIle were my fav.

10/14/2009 19:18

Vince looks sexy in that one picture in the back of the other book.

Gatu Bella
11/01/2009 11:28

I thoroughly enjoy each story episode where the team outwits and steals priceless artifacts. It always starts with a plot development, solution on how to get the problem resolved, a monkey wrench thrown in for good measure, then exhilaration for a job well done. It needs an ongoing serial type plot like Swift Killas but I'm happy the way it is. I'm afraid that eventually people may get turned off because of this format however. Never the less, Rogue Accord Volume one is awesome. Celena, Vince, Jessica, Jackie, Max and Oliver kick ass!!!

11/01/2009 17:14

I read both Rogue Accord books and must say that they are amazing. I know everyone is crazy about Celena, and that is totally understandable, she's the star. Then there's Vincent, the very confident yet laid back body guard that actually know's his limits. ( I.E when Celena ran along the side of sky scrapers and Vince was like 'hell naw I ain't doing that! LOL)
But I have to say my favorite characters are Jackie, Oliver and Jessica here's why! Jackie: Hilarious and yet we get to see her softer side when she's racing through Chicago with Fast Freddie and none other than the Swift Killer. How she used one guy to get into the street race and then managed to snag herself a white boy with a Porsche was hot.
Oliver is so sexy, he's this smart buff black guy but he's gay!!! and aside from Max, everyone's okay with this but Orlando touches on such racial profiling and how we all deal with it in our own way. His relationship with Celena is so sweet and beautiful and yet they aren't together. You can tell they care deeply about one another.
Jessica is cool because she's real. She's got an attitude, she's bossy and at times she seems like a real bitch but when Celena needed back up or someone to have good old fashion girl talk (Sorry Oliver) she was there and that's why she is just soooo cool!!!!
These characters are just the bomb and they follow behind Celena complimenting her to a 'T'. Without those supporting characters Celena would be boring. I hope they stay around in Volume two or whatever story you put them in.

11/02/2009 08:17

I loved the story where Swift and Celena were facing off. I wish there would have been more of a fight scene rather than a mental one

Jacqueline J. Townsend
11/06/2009 09:26

Personally I loved Celena the most in that book. Rogue Accord was the bomb because it had comedy and drama as well as action. I really enjoyed the entire cast but to see Celena on her own was really cool. The one story with that involved the mask was very well written. It did feel like that movie 300. Other than Celena I would have to say that Detective Dash was my second favorite character. Especially in the book Pride Before fall.

Miranda Sun
11/11/2009 20:12

Okay best villian ever...the Gamer!!!! HANDS DOWN!!! Fuck Blood, screw the Soverign Dominion, to hell with Dash and Maxwell. The Gamer is better than any villian because like Batman's Joker, he just doesn't give a damn. That's what's up! I hope we see him again in Rogue Accord Volume two!!!

John Walsh
11/13/2009 06:59

Totally agree, the Gamer was crazy. He reminded me of Batman's Joker. I also thought the little sci-fi/ 300 flare Orlando did in Omni Vaga. I would like to read something like that again. As for my ultimate favorite story in volume one's Rogue Accord I would have to say....All good things. I say this because you see the crew breaking up, you know it's going to happen you can feel it because you know all the characters and then it hits you like BAM!!!
My favorite character is by far Detective Dash. It was Jessica because she reminds me of my wife and Dash was a close second. But after I read Rogue Accord Pride Bedore fall I have to say that Detective Dash really became a great character. He was totally relatable in how he tried to catch Celena and her crew. My third fav is Maxwell. He was so cool and yet cold hearted towards Oliver. I think the character had misplaced feelings about gays but overall was a good guy. I'm glad Celena didn't kill him.

John Walsh, 54 year old Rogue Accord/Swift Killas fan

M. Baccarin
11/13/2009 14:16

When I am at work and we’re taking a break I tend to do a lot of reading. (Mostly script readings) However, I do like to read books as well. Actually I prefer to read books from up and coming authors and came across a number of books from Orlando Santiago. I can’t say I was a fan of Swift Killas, the title was a little much for me. However the Rake was very stimulating, both visually and mentally. I can totally see a lot of men trying to get this part in a movie.
However I would like to say something about Rogue Accord. After all this is the blog strictly for Rogue Accord Vol. one and Pride Before Fall. For those who don’t know who I am, I am a Brazilian actress and have fallen head over heels for these books and their charismatic cast of characters. From the annoying Detective Dash to the poor dog they had for only two episodes.
Celena Candelario is such a complex character that I couldn’t begin to place her in a specific class. This character is by far the most complex I have ever seen. Throughout the entire book her motives for stealing are her own. She comes from a broken home, learns a trade from the popular Swift Killer, branches out on her own and recruits a team. Jessica Duarte is such an adorable character and seems the most realistic, tough but with such a heart of gold. Vincent is so down to Earth and laid back but quickly jumps to defend his colleagues if they get into a pinch.
Jackie Ortega, although her roles were minor in volume one her part in Pride Before Fall made me laugh so hard I cried. Oliver/Glen was the most loving character and it broke my heart when Maxwell tried to kill him off. My favorite stories in volume one were by far Vile, Omni Vaga and Swift Vs. Celena. If there were a movie made I would cast Morgan Freeman as Detective Berry Dash for sure. Gary Dourdan would make a great Vincent Anderson.
I could totally see Pierce Brosnan as Maxwell, so James Bondish. For Jackie I would think Michelle Rodriguez would make a great fit because of the whole Fast and Furious feel of Jackie’s character suits her. Jessica Duarte is one that I had to think about, but in my oppinion Judy Marte would be a good fit. Darryl Stephens from Noah’s Arc is by far the best person to play Oliver/Glen. Now as for Celena, really I don’t think anyone can come close to her character. Maybe a young Catherine Zeta Jones or even Selma Hyaek would be a great call. I will tell you this, I would jump at the opportunity to play the world’s greatest, and in my oppinion sexiest, thief. Wouldn’t you?

11/17/2009 06:57

Who's this woman Baccarin? Is she hot as hell, because to be Celena you would have to be hot as hell I would think.

12/01/2009 15:54

I just read both books and they were awesome! I truely can't wait to see what happens in volume 2.

Sumie Daisen
12/04/2009 12:34

I am a huge fan of Rogue Accord and an aspiring writer. I have a few short story ideas for Rogue Accord volume 2. I would love nothing more than for the world to see the things I have in mind for Celena Candelario and her crew of expert theives.

12/05/2009 14:34

My friends and I love the Chase story, where Celena and Jackie run through a fictional city away from Dash. That was awesome!!!! I would love to read another one in volume two. Can we get some hardcore parkour in that one? I think her crew could totally pull it off.

Sonoko Hiraoka
12/15/2009 11:58

This is very nice. I am a big fan of the Swift Killas series and instantly fell in love with Rogue Accord's Celena Candelario. Orlando has created both a dark world where assassins rule the night to a world not so gruesome with rogues who honor a code. Celena is the kind of role model anyone can admire, though she is a thief, she gives so much of her loot away for the good of the poor. A modern day female Robin Hood.
I am in love with the short stories that open the group up to the reader's interpretation. Following the group to the end of Volume One was a great time but I felt so bad when they broke up and Celena just left. It was like seeing your best friend leave for what may be the last time, but as sad as it was I will say seeing Celena on her own was really cool!
Then I read Pride Before Fall, and the best part of the entire book was seeing Celena and Dash working together. THAT WAS AWESOME! The way the President brought Rogue Accord back and how Orlando even brought Oliver back. (Thank God because I cried when he left, Oliver RULES!) It was one of the best books ever, despite it's obvious flaws. I really and truly can not wait for the second volume or even another full novel where we see the entire crew return.

Charlotte Mireles Valencia
12/21/2009 07:19

A big fan of the Rake and Swift Killas, my curiosity was peeked when I saw that Rogue Accord received had its own book I quickly picked up a copy. Much like everyone else I have to say that Celena is and her crew are really cool under pressure and look sexy everytime they pull off a crazy stunt like the London chase in Pride Before Fall. A must read for all!!!!

Dakota Jones
01/04/2010 12:36

I am so happy I found this website. As it turns out my daughter and I read books before her bedtime and although I can't say I approve of everything that is written in each short story but I can say over all it is a great read for both children and adults. We haven't gotten the Rogue Accord Pride Before Fall yet but my little girl won't even read anything other than the first Rogue Accord.
Like many little girls I'm sure, she is in love with Celena and her favorite story is Vile and Omni Vaga but personally I love the Swift Vs. Celena.

Can't wait for the next one to come in.

Gary Wilde
01/05/2010 06:45

Love Rogue Accord, It is an awesome story and Celena is HOT!!!!

Koppány Csizmadia
01/05/2010 07:32

Orlando has created a dark and edgy world with Swift Killas, I love what he's done with Swift and Blood but I will admit I was scared to see Rogue Accord. Would they be as edgy as Swift Killas or as dangerous? Much to my excitement they were most definably more edgy and even though they have a strict no killing policy their villains are far more dangerous than those in Swift Killas. (In my opinion.) Love both books Orlando, please keep them coming.

01/20/2010 09:42

I saw a clip of the Rogue Accord cast on your Myspace video. It looks like that is a great cast to pull ideas from. I read Swift Killas: Vengeance and was blown away by the seamless flow between the last chapter and the entire Swift Killas book.

(Possible Spoiler below)

Every time I read your books, The Rake included, I feel as though I am watching a movie. When you introduced the characters that went to rescue Swift I saw such a rich group. The way Celena stole the scene and her confrontation with Maryam left me wondering if Swift and Celena ever had a thing. (You can e-mail me and let me know)
I can not wait to see how you transition from a book that deals solely with killing to a book of rogues that have a strict code against killing. Celena and Vince are such cool characters that they nearly stole the story right from under Swift. Swift Killas: Vengeance had it's slow parts I will admit but when you bring the story together as a whole I have to say you knocked it out the park!
One of my all time favorite parts in the book was when Sofia told Swift that Maryam would not be able to save him due to the time she had left to live. When Sofia told him that she had less than two hour to live and Swift smiled and said "Plenty of time." I knew all hell would break loose before this book came to an end.

Mad props Mr. Santiago, keep up the good work for a fan who LOVES rogues.

Sylvia Aguilera
01/20/2010 09:43

I picked up Swift Killas for my son and had to hide it from him because of the content but on a plane ride I opened it up and was totally emersed into this dark world. While I disapprove this for children I must say that it was a really good read.
Much to my surprise, I fell in love with many of the characters but found Celena Candelario to be so sexy. The love and intensity between Swift and Maryam were not missed but the way Celena conducted herself in the book, the way she kind of stole the show from Swift towards the end was cool.
Finding the events of Rogue Accord in Swift Killas was so interesting that I picked up Rogue Accord Pride Before Fall and the team was hilarious. Jackie had my ribs hurting, Celena's clever way of solving problems and Vince's way of protecting the group and how everyone came together.
R.A: Pride before fall was a little confusing, I guess because the first Volume didn't come out. But this is a book any age group can get into right away. I can't wait for my copy of Rogue Accord Vol. 1 to come in. Keep up the great work Mr. Santiago you've got a fan for life.

Ray Adams
01/20/2010 09:44

I find it hard to believe that this book, though grammatically incorrect, was written in nine days. Rogue Accord: Pride Before Fall is an awesome non-stop action filled, fun ride. I thought the plot was somewhat relaxed but the characters made up for it with their little quirks. Celena is as cooler than she was in Swift Killas: Vengeance and that had to be tough because she was pretty damn cool! Vincent is such a noble protector and just person you find it hard to believe that he too is a Rogue.
What I loved most was how the book refers to classic character in the Unique Realities universe such as Brandon McGruder the “Smooth Operator” from Swift Killas and naturally Maryam and Swift. I must say that I picked this up thinking that I was going to be reading a glorious display of death and violence but that was not the case. Rogue Accord: Pride before fall gives the reader enough action without the horror, blood and DRAMA of the Swift Killas series which is a nice spin on Mr. Santiago’s style.
My favorite characters in the book are the one’s that no one knows about or are briefly mentioned in Swift Killas: Vengeance. There was a bond between the entire team and you felt as though Celena, though constantly on guard, was inviting you into her thieves den. Jessica, the crew’s scout was funny and though she questioned Celena many times you could see a bond of friendship that could not be broken. Jackie, the group’s expert in getaway driving is down to earth and believable. Oliver, the computer genius and only homosexual has a somewhat questionable relationship with leader Celena.
Then there were characters from other books as well. Rose from the book ‘Petals of Rose’ plays an important part that is not to be missed and the groups top notch mechanic, E.J, is so confident in his skills that he knows what they need before the group does. This book is awesome but from what I understand it comes after Rogue Accord Vol. 1 which is not yet out. In the back you get to see what character was based on who and even a little Q&A page about things that went on during the so-called nine days the book was in production. I can only imagine what the real life people have to say about their fictional counterparts.
How Santiago pulls all these characters together from different stories and plot lines so seamlessly is a testament to his skill. For a different kind of action story Rogue Accord is something every reader should have on their shelf. Four stars to Rogue Accord: Pride Before Fall!!!!!!!

01/20/2010 09:45

I just got the book Pride before fall and read the opening sequence and it's great. I can't wait to see Celena jump into the story as I'm sure it will be great by the way eveyone else has commented. Keep up the great work 'O' I think this one is in teh bag

01/20/2010 09:49

I just finished the book! (Pride Before Fall) Okay, yeah it was a great read despite the grammatical errors. Yes the scene with Jackie driving through the streets of London while bleeding to death was incredible. ACTUALLY that entire part was great. The way Vince had to get to the top floor and steal the thing was great. Who on earth puts a pack of foaming dogs on the top floor of a building with mirrored floors and gun turrets? That was insane. Then how he lands inside the Honda Element!!! Hilarious.
To see Rose trying to work on him while Jackie swerves around cars was great and watching Celena jump from an airplane with a motorcycle and a parachute was not only insane but absolutely entertaining. I couldn’t put the damn book down!!!! If this is how Rogue Accord VoL. 1 is then sign me up!!!
E.J, Jessica, Rose and Oliver were the best supporting characters of all time!!!! When they were on the air craft carrier being shot at by the submarine and the helicopter was so cool that I had seen it clearly in my mind and said, ‘yeah this could work’. I loved Maxwell as the not so bad, bad guy and his brother Charlie. And the Russian was a great match for Vince. Dude mad props for this book. MAD PROPS!!!!! And the women in the book are gorgeous! I could totally see them as the main characters, I am so glad you put pictures in it.
You are the best O simply the best.
I know to many this may not make sense but you have to read this book to understand. You really do.

Juliet Brown
01/20/2010 09:49

YES!!! This book was awesome, I loved Celena so much. Everyone there could be great role models for kids. It was a quick but awesome read. The best part by far was a tie between the car scene in London and the attack they did on the oil rig at the end. Superb action scenes. I honestly thought it was better then both the Swift Killas books. And I thought those were pretty damn entertaining.
Celena, Jessica and Jackie just aren't winey like Swift is. They're smart and sexy ladies that do what they want. LOL AT THEIR OWN ACCORD!!!

01/24/2010 15:42

I just received the book. I have read the intro and the first story. At frist this is my usual I found it slow. But as I kept reading I became more intrigued. At the end I loved how Celena turned her crime into charity from the heart. So far I really am enjoying the read and as most readers who find interest in a book find it hard to put down but must to fix dinner for the family and cant wait to read on. I do love the fact that this book is short stories so that I can finish one and go back later to start another. It really does holds ones interest. Good job Orlando get back to you when I finish the book. D.T. (Panera)

04/12/2010 11:02

I absolutely loved this book. Have they made it into a movie, because they reeeeealy need to. Personally I think that Celena and Maxwell need to do it! Get all the frustration and tension out. Too bad Heath Ledger passed I think he would have made a great Gamer.

Daryl Benson
05/18/2010 06:40

I LOVE ROGUE ACCORD, just finished volume one and am half way through Pride before fall. I AM IN SHOCK of how this story unfolds. Great piece to have for the kids to read, awesome. Simply awesome.


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