As I write this latest Blog I am beaming with pride and indescribable joy!!! My best-est of best friends, my BFF (X) a million is coming out with her own book! And for those of you who don’t know her name is Maryam Sousan.  I met this talented young lady in college and her life was so fascinating, her beauty so breath taking that I made her the star female in my first book Swift Killas and in Swift Killas: Vengeance.

For years Maryam and I would discuss story plots, ideas, read and write poetry but alas as we got older we both went our separate ways.  Thankfully the good lord saw fit to bring us together and our friendship continued. Now although I consider Maryam a crucial part of Unique Realities I must praise her for her journey in creating her own book and giving her God given talent to rest of the world.

If you thought I my books were a “Must Have” you must pick up her book Salem El RohIt is going to be available at and in bookstores near you!!! For those non-believers or maybe those skeptics I have out there I would like to show you a snippet of her book. 

Salem El roh

Hayat 'Yaya' Najar is a 25 year old Arab-American living in Chicago, IL.  Unfortunately for Yaya, however, she is losing her struggle with cancer.  She lies on her deathbed trying to relive her life in order to understand her death.  She allows the reader to go into comas with her and share in her memories.  Yaya lets the reader experience the last five minutes before she ultimately dies.  In Yaya's word, "This is the story about the last five minutes until, Salemit Rohi."  The reader, thus, becomes an integral part of Yaya's existence.


        The reader accompanies Yaya's last minutes as she returns even to her childhood.  She dreams of her family and the effects of western society.  Yaya struggles with Muslim and Christian relations among Arabs and tries to find God on her journey.  It is up to the reader, however, to determine whether Yaya is Arab Christian or Arab Muslim.  Her journey into death takes her across the pages of the Quran and stories of the Bible.

          Yaya's grip on reality wears thin as the minutes pass.  As her health deteriorates, her vocabulary follows.  She is left struggling to even understand her own words.  The reader experiences Death through the eyes of a young woman on its brink.  She pulls the reader further into Death by even questioning the reader's 'sanity.'

The language is Arab-American slang because it is meant to represent the general Arab public and their assimilation to American life.  She discusses Arab men and their disassociation with Arabic culture.  Yaya further attempts to understand the Palestinian struggle.  Needless to say, Yaya can't seem to focus on any subject because her mind is beginning to die.  Yaya's life is like a train wreck, but she never falters in her attempt to pull her reader into Death.

 Salem EL Roh, by M. E. Sousan Coming soon! For a free chapter preview that is not to be missed go to OR copy and paste this link.