IT’S OUT!!!!


     Available at The long awaited spin off from Swift Killas: Vengeance, Rogue Accord Volume One, is available for purchase. Those of you who might get confused about the cover should know. There is Rogue Accord: Pride Before Fall which has the American flag and three stars on the cover and then there’s the other one.

            *Currently Rogue Accord: Volume One has a black cover on but will ship the actual Gold cover when purchased. We are working on fixing that right away.

            What I would like to do here in this Blog is see what you, the fans, have to say about the book. Rogue Accord is comprised of so many different short stories, please let me know what your favorite story was, your favorite scene, your favorite characters ECT. 

     Thank you for all your love and support with my first real spin off. As I said before, Rogue Accord Volume one takes place before Pride Before Fall and then Volume two (Not yet out).